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Super Deal for Honest Co. Baby Shampoo at Costco

This is an awesome deal at the Lincoln Park Costco – it’s sort of the north end Bucktown but they call it Lincoln Park. You get 2 jumbo size bottles at the price of, or less than, one regular size bottle you would find at the grocery store or Target. It smells great too! A light orange vanilla scent that isn’t too strong.

As far as I know this is not a regular item, so go and get it!


Hey Share the road, I mean Sidewalk

Did you know that almost 30% of the population in Chicago have kids?  That’s a lot of strollers and a big trend is the double stroller.  Now, I’m sorry to my many mommy friends currently pushing the BOB Duallie stroller around, but I’m here to show you another option.

Now, I currently push a BOB single stroller of my own and I love it, it corners curbs like it’s on rails, so I get the instant transition to go from the single to the double when baby number 2 comes along, however the double can be dubbed a road hog.  I’m sure it is also challenging to go shopping and get in and out of normal size doors (not Target) when out and about especially since the city is filled with boutiques and ma and pa shops.  The benefits of being in the city is how much you get to walk and making your life easy is key.

I recently saw a couple pushing the most compact double stroller I have ever seen and I had to stop to ask them what it was.  They raved about this stroller for their toddler and newborn, and how they loved their purchase.  Not to mention I saw another local mom shopping at Marino’s Fresh Market today with the same stroller, she had a 3 year old and about a 6 month old looking happy as clams in their compact double stroller.

It is the City Select Double Stroller by Baby Jogger.  It has received Best Overall ratings on many websites and to me just seems like a great option for city dwellers.  Get this, it is so versatile there are 16 seating arrangements for any age combination!  Also, if you are having twins it is one of the few luxury tandem strollers that can fit two car seats at the same time (attachments sold separately).  Finally, if you are currently pregnant with one child and plan on having more down the road I would still consider this stroller as it can be both a single stroller and a double when #2 arrives, you just add a second seat – can we say a-maz-ing!  That is money saved in the long run!  Check it out at

Happy walking the streets of Chicago with whatever option you choose.


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