Awesome {& Accurate} Kids Eat Free App

  Did you guys know that there is an app to pull up restaurants that offer kids eat free options AND their times.  I mean how many times have you shown up to the restaurant and the kids eat free window was over, this happens to us all the time. I have done a lot... Continue Reading →

Where Kids Eat Free in Chicago

I don't know about you but cooking during the summer months is not high on my priority list, yet you still have to get dinner on the table, or go out, which is my preferred choice!  Now that there are only a few days/weeks before school starts here's your chance to hit all the kid... Continue Reading →

I ❤️ Drive-thru in the Winter

Lets face it, decent drive through options are limited in the city.  However, that's what we love about it right?  Walking everywhere and checking out all the cute, non-chain places.  Yet, when the weather turns tundra-like I really don't want to walk or lug the bundled kids in and out of the car to grab... Continue Reading →

Like Italian Food? Then Get Ready to Head to River North!

Bread, milk, eggs and ricotta cheese?  That is a typical staple grocery list for our family. I'm 50% Italian, but even if I was 0% Italian this cultures food would still be my all time favorite.  We eat a lot of pasta in our house and of course it's only fitting that now my sons favorite... Continue Reading →

Happy Holidays 2012

I seem to keep doing a double take on my calendar and just can't believe that it is December 21st 2012.  Where did the time go and I just can't believe it is almost 2013.  I remember when I thought 2013 sounded so futuristic and possibly a time when cars could fly like in Back... Continue Reading →

My New Obsession: Hint You Shop In One Weekly!

If you haven't been to a Mariano's Fresh Market yet, you have to add it to your MUST do list.  I recently started shopping at the Mariano's on Western & Roscoe and I absolutely LOVE it, it is now my favorite grocery store - hands down!  When I was a kid I loved to go... Continue Reading →

Boston Market – A Great Place to Eat with the Kids, Seriously!

I was early for a showing in the Gold Coast and craving a chicken salad sandwich.  I was looking for parking and something fast and easy.  I didn't think Subway was going to cut it and then I saw Boston Market in Old Town with a big sign saying FREE PARKING.  I quickly turned down... Continue Reading →

Final Days for Chicago Farmers Markets

There are just a few more weeks left to get your local on, as in local produce!  It's a great place to get the freshest items on your grocery list.  Get the kids involved too and let them help you pick out their favorite fruits and veggies.  There are often great treats too like cookies,... Continue Reading →

Dining out with the WHOLE Family

Some people could say that the single best thing about Chicago are the many amazing ones that it would take several lifetimes to visit each and every tasty spot. Now that we are a family of 3 dining out has taken on a whole new meaning for us.  It is a luxury when we... Continue Reading →

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