Pre-K: Plan B before Plan A?

If you have applied to the CPS (Chicago Public Schools) free magnet pre-k options, we are all bitting our nails for the lottery results to be released. They have finally posted the dates of when we can expect the results. So we have about 3 weeks to go before we find out if we get... Continue Reading →

Pre-school, When Should You Apply?

Did you know that many of us already missed the deadlines to apply for Pre-School for the upcoming fall school year!  How crazy is that, but it's true.  It's hard to imagine the the minute your child turns 2 you have to start thinking about pre-school.  We all want our kids to have a jump... Continue Reading →

Awesome {& Accurate} Kids Eat Free App

  Did you guys know that there is an app to pull up restaurants that offer kids eat free options AND their times.  I mean how many times have you shown up to the restaurant and the kids eat free window was over, this happens to us all the time. I have done a lot... Continue Reading →

A True Cold Buster

It's that time again, our kids are back in school and all of our noses are dripping like faucets.  Over the holidays I was getting the initial signs of a cold, you know, scratchy throat and sneezing 5 times in a row.  Typically I'll reach for the Emergen-C, but it hasn't been stopping or shortening... Continue Reading →

Update your ‘framers’ with a Sesh from Little Cacti in the City

It's been a long hiatus, but after having our third child, Ethan, I'm back to it! First up to discuss, a fantastic photographer on the scene that you definitely need to take notice. Our client and great friend, Daisy Knox, is a fantastic natural light photographer.  We just had a great photo session with her... Continue Reading →

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