With the last year and a half being either all remote or half remote my kids are so excited to go back full time this year for school (with fingers crossed 🤞! Last year the most important item for going back to school was finding a laptop or desk for remote learning, but this year is all about finding the coolest gear to store everything and stay safe while in school.

I feel like this year I am really excited to buy all my kids gear for the school year. The school my children attend has a pre packaged fee for all supplies (pencils, folders, notebooks, etc), but leaves imagination and personal choice for all other items desired.

1. Masks

Everyone owns probably a million masks at this point in their home, but the frequency of your kids using their masks this year with being in school 5 days a week requires a stock up on a couple more. Rising demand for masks makes it is a little harder to find, but below are my favorite that I have found that are fun and useful for all ages. I always like to stash a few extra disposable masks in their backpacks to change throughout the day, they get so slobbery, am I right?

  1. Crayola Reusable Cloth Face Mask Set: Great mask set for each child that comes with name tags, adjustable bands, and are washable ($18.95- 5pk)
  2. Old Navy Adult 5pk: 100% cotton with adjustable straps, fun print options, and reusable ($12.50-5pk)
  3. Dr. Talbots Kids Face Mask: Disposable mask that are perfect to have on hand in the car or extra in backpacks if kids mask gets lost or dirty in breathable fabric and comfortable design ($8.00-10pk)
  4. DropSkip Reusable Face Mask: Each pack of these bright and breathable masks comes with an individual mesh bag which helps for washing and making organization for each child.

2. Backpacks

Each child is individual and has their own personal style and needs for their school year ahead. My children ages range so I needed to do my research to make everyone happy. The key for me was storage is small spaces!

  1. Billabong Schools Out Backpack: I love leopard print so of course my daughter Ava does as well and this is the perfect fashion statement for any child this school year. ($40.00)
  2. Matein Travel Laptop Backpack: For the older child in your family this is the perfect backpack with built in USB port and perfect comparments for their laptop and plenty of organizational pockets for all of your school supplies ($40.00)
  3. John Deere Toddler Backpack: For the smaller children in your family that are off to preschool this is a fun bright color and also comes in the classic yellow-green John Deere color. Perfect size to travel with too! ($20)

3. Water Bottles

Staying hydrated is essential everyday. Being that water fountains will not be accessible we have to get individual water bottles so my kids stay nourished all day long! Make sure they are BPA free to keep harmful chemicals away from your children too, because they will be drinking from them all day.

  1. Hydro Flask 12oz Wide Mouth: Smart flip and clip straw cap makes this perfect for the little ones with easy drinking. Cold and hot beverages stay at their desired temperature all day too! ($30)
  2. Yeti Jr. 12oz Rambler: My obsession continues for YETI with my kids tumblers. They are on the pricier side ,but well worth the investment with temperature controlled and dishwasher safe its a winner in my household. ($25-35)
  3. Ello 160z 2-pack Water Bottle: Great affordable option that comes in a two pack which is always great, BPA free, dishwasher safe, and leak proof lid makes it a great option for my kids to take to school everyday.

4. Hand Sanitizer Holders

I have to make everything fun and exciting for my kids in our house even down to their hand sanitizer holders. These fun holders make them remember to keep it with at all times because it becomes a part of their everyday school bag. Now I need to restock on sanitizer too!!

  1. Bath and Body Works Pineapple Holder: This fun holder is bright and perfect to clip on backpack or pencil case making sure your child is never without it. Also, their scents are super yummy smelling ($5.95 each)
  2. MagicBac Light Up Hand Sanitizer Holder: For the gamer in your family this perfect light up hand sanitizer holder is perfect and clips easily on any backpack. ($4.00)
  3. Grommet Wearable Hand Sanitizer: This fluffy snap bracelet is perfect for kids! It is easy and fun accessory that can either be worn as a bracelet or clip to their bag for easy access to hold sanitizer. ($15.00)

This school year will be filled with challenges and exciting new lessons to be learned by each and every family. With the new normal approaching I hope this fun school gear list makes your family joyful for the year to come.

For those that are less fortunate in supplies for school please check out A New Chapter to make a donation to the families that are in need. The smallest donation will make the world of difference to each and every kids face.

A New Chapter-Daymaker– Please Donate

As always stay safe and healthy❤️



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