#instacart – Personal Grocery Shopping Service Delivered to your doorstep

On blustery winter days like today it is simply a pain to bundle up the kids and go anywhere outside of the house.  However what do you do when you have zero fruit or anything remotely edible for dinner. One of my clients recently posted on Facebook 'thank goodness for instacart'...As I was about to... Continue Reading →

Happy Fathers Day!

Enjoy Chicago, Juliana The Yeager Team:  A Chicago Real Estate Family  We Live Here, We Work Here, We Are Raising Our Kids Here Residential Real Estate Sales   |     http://www.atproperties.com/agents/julianayeager      |  http://www.theyeagerteam.com

Like Italian Food? Then Get Ready to Head to River North!

Bread, milk, eggs and ricotta cheese?  That is a typical staple grocery list for our family. I'm 50% Italian, but even if I was 0% Italian this cultures food would still be my all time favorite.  We eat a lot of pasta in our house and of course it's only fitting that now my sons favorite... Continue Reading →

2013 Illinois Test Scores – Top Schools Ranked

This just in::  Chicago SunTimes posts the top 25 elementary and top 25 high schools across the state. http://voices.suntimes.com/news/2013-illinois-test-scores-top-50-schools/ As you know I follow all the school blogs, but I'm particularly fond of cpsobsessed.com The writer is a fellow Chicago mom obsessed with CPS schools.  She makes great notes and it is always a good read.... Continue Reading →

Halloween Events for the Entire Family – This weekend!

Halloween is almost here, but it's time to start celebrating now! There are a ton of great events around the city, so pick a spot, dress up in your spookiest or silliest costume and have fun! First up: Gethsemane Children's Fall Festival Saturday October 26th 11:00 am to 4:00 pm Attractions include: Patch 22 - Pony Rides... Continue Reading →

Now what about High School in the city?

So you have researched and poured over a gazillion pages of pre-school and elementary school paperwork, but have you thought as far ahead to High School? There are definitely some dud High Schools, however there are a lot of top ranked high schools right in our back yard!  I too fell into the misconception that... Continue Reading →

Cabin Fever? According to Groundhog Punxsutawney Phil, Spring is around the corner…

Even though the famous groundhog didn't see his shadow this February 2 we still need some fun things to do while we wait out the rest of the winter. I know that on cold days when I'm home with my son {and are tired of playing blocks} we both feel anxious to get outside and... Continue Reading →

Hello 2013! Happy New Year!

Well, after a really long hiatus and what seemed to be a never ending holiday season RKIC is back!  I'm sure you have all be wondering what has been going on in the city as 2013 has certainly kicked off with a great start! As you of course know I sell Real Estate and boy... Continue Reading →

Happy Holidays 2012

I seem to keep doing a double take on my calendar and just can't believe that it is December 21st 2012.  Where did the time go and I just can't believe it is almost 2013.  I remember when I thought 2013 sounded so futuristic and possibly a time when cars could fly like in Back... Continue Reading →

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