With the summer heat still in full effect I am always on the search for the best sunscreen for my family. There are so many options out in stores and online it can be overwhelming to just pick one or two. I narrowed down my favorites I tried this summer with my family to help you save some time and be able to grab and go your sunscreen.

Australian Sunscreen- Blue Lizard

Photo Credit: Amazon.com

Every time I go onto Amazon I find a new product that I become addicted to that you can’t find in stores. This is one of those products. This sunscreen is not only fragrance free but has no parabens and is mineral based which is great for sensitive skin which all of my kids have. It ranges in SPF levels making it fit for all of your family. Also, the bottle turns pink when the UV rays are strong as a reminder to reapply (how cool is that). It felt super light on the my skin which is something I always look for in sunscreen too.

It is on the pricer side but with all the amazing reviews I decided to try it and was not disappointed. It is going to be a staple in our beach bag!

$14.98 Amazon.com

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Baby Bum

This sunscreen is great because it super light weight on your kids skin. It is fragrance free with shea butter and coconut oil hydrating your skin in the heat. It was also voted the highest safety score with 20% zinc oxide providing amazing protection from the harmful sun rays. I like the spa 50 or higher too, so a win for me.

It’s vegan and hypoallergenic making it great for the most sensitive skin and is water resistant for 80 minutes.

$13.99 Sunbum.com

Neutrogena Wet Skin Water-resistant Stick

Photo Credit: Amazon.com

Of all the sunscreens on the list this is my kids favorite! It is the easiest to apply with stick form reaching all sensitive spots without irritating skin or eyes. Little do they know it also has the most protection with 70 SPF so when they apply it like crazy on their cheeks, elbows, and nose they are actually protecting their skin the best.

It is oil free, paraben free, and hypoallergenic making it great for sensitive skin. It is also the perfect size to just through in your bag and always have it handy for all those summer days.

My favorite part about this product is you can apply to wet skin so when my kids jump out of the pool they can reapply quickly without having to dry off and jump right back into pool. Super easy!!

$7.99 Amazon.com

Coppertone Pure & Simple Baby

Photo Credit: Target.com

Coppertone has been around forever for sun protection and for reason. Its nourishing and simple ingredients make it a staple in most households. This amazing product is not only affordable but also provides great protection with 50 SPF and 80 minutes of protection. Hydrating coconut oil and shea butter add extra protection against dry skin for the kiddos too.

It comes in stick or lotion form so pick whichever works best for your lifestyle!

$8.99 Target.com

Chicago is the most amazing place to be in the summer months. With all the activities my kids are in from sports, school, and just playing with friends outdoors I always want to make sure they are protected from all harmful rays. With these top sunscreens always handy I am positive my kids will be ready to take on the sunny summer days of summer.

Now off to the pool to catch some rays! 😎



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