How was your Labor Day? It seems to have came and gone so quick but now we can officially say fall season is here 🙂 It’s that time again to redecorate your entire home to emulate the fall aesthetic. Pull out those pumpkins, plaid blankets, and endless yankee candles; before you know it there will be snow! All of that being said, here are some ideas for you to celebrate autumn this weekend:

Raising Kids In Chicago, Camp Chicago.
Photo by CAMP Chicago

CAMP Chicago

Feel free to drop in for a delightful shopping experience and engage in the world’s finest selection of toys, arts & crafts, games, puzzles, and an array of other activities. Alternatively, you can reserve a Craft Pass session. (I even heard there is a secret door!)

black vhs on vhs player beside remote control
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Back 2 The Video Store: A 90s Speakeasy Bar

Until September 30th

Transport yourself back to the ’90s and early 2000s, reminiscent of those Friday nights spent meandering through video rental stores. This innovative pop-up bar faithfully recreates that nostalgic vibe while offering an array of themed cocktails. Explore the space, adorned with lava lamps, stations for playing pogs, and adorned with classic movie posters, armed with your membership card, which doubles as a drink ticket.

As you uncover beverages inspired by the best films of that era, simply present your selection at the checkout counter, where a Videotender will whip it up for you. Additionally, the Throwback Movie Club will grace the rooftop, featuring a lineup of timeless classics such as Mean Girls, Clueless, and Back to the Future.

pierogi on white table
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World Dumpling Fest

Saturday, September 9

Partake in the celebration of Chicago’s rich cultural tapestry through the harmonious blend of music, dance, and, of course, DUMPLINGS! Immerse yourself in a culinary journey as you savor dumplings from more than a dozen neighborhood-based ethnic eateries in and around Chicago, offering a taste of the city’s vibrant diversity. This unique event is suitable for all age groups and conveniently situated near the Logan Square Blue Line Station.

Entrance to the festival and the captivating cultural performances is absolutely FREE! Attendees have the option to acquire sampler packs for a sneak peek at the delectable dumplings in advance or during the event itself.

Enjoy Chicago ~ Juliana

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