Screen Shot 2013-04-08 at 12.48.09 PMI don’t know if any of you are Shark Tank addicts like me, but I love the show!  I was watching a couple of weeks ago, and although this company didn’t get a sharks investment, I wanted to check them out and support their business.

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It’s been what seems like eons since I have been in a club, but this event will bring you back to your party days with kids in tow!

It’s called Baby Loves Disco and they are going to be in Chicago this weekend.  Their concept is really cool as they rent out a club/bar space and turn it into a kid friendly space.  They child proof the space and provide kid friendly snacks and drinks.  They state that it will be an afternoon dance party with a real DJ spinning classic disco tunes from the 70s and 80s.

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They also have specialty corners with bubble machines, egg shakers, chill zone (tents, books and puzzles), diaper changing stations, and of course a spread of healthy snacks.

For just $15 bucks a pop it is something different  to take your kids too.  Ages 6 months to 6 years.

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We will be there and I hope to see you there too!

Get your tickets here for Saturday 4/13:

For more info visit:

Enjoy Chicago,


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One thought on “This Weekend: Let’s Dance with Baby Disco!!!”

  1. Saw your post on the Cheers fb page and clicked over.

    Ha, this looks like a blast. Actually reminds me of a local play place in Split, Croatia. My husband is Croatian, we visit in the summer. They have a baby disco with the disco ball, DJ, dancing… 🙂

    So many fun options out there!

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