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ricotta cheese?  That is a typical staple grocery list for our family. I’m 50% Italian, but even if I was 0% Italian this cultures food would still be my all time favorite.  We eat a lot of pasta in our house and of course it’s only fitting that now my sons favorite food is Italian, and will most likely be our daughters too {once she is able to eat that is}.

I subscribe to Chicago Magazine and love all their great articles about our fine city.  Their most recent online article literally had me grinning from ear to ear and clapping.

Soon to be opening in hot River North…….Eataly.  It is described as an enormous, 63,000 square foot space housing coffee/breakfast shops, retail/grocery stands and 8 restaurants serving and selling all things Italian.  Currently the only other U.S. Eataly lives in New York City, and rumors have it that the Chicago location is sure to trump the New York outfit in terms of size and suppliers.  YUM, I can’t wait to go myself and take the kids…hello Nutella Bar!  It will be a little field trip for our senses.  I lived in Italy for summer back in my college days and I’m sure it will feel, smell and taste like a walk down memory lane.  I am already craving authentic Gelato, Bread, Pizza, Cheese, Wine, Olive Oil and all the scrumptious things that will be at our disposal.  I love that we will be able to have lunch and come home with many wonderful Italian ingredients to prepare dinner.


Not only will this be a wonderful place to frequent, but it will be incredible for River North property owners.  What a huge perk and selling/buying point to live near this incredible new shopping and eating superstore.  It will be located next door to Room & Board at 43 E. Ohio

Check out some more details via Chicago Mag and I’ll report back once they open (some say as early as 11/22 to as late as mid December)!


Enjoy Chicago,


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