Happy New Year everyone!  Of course the weather is all that anyone can talk about these days, and with the record low numbers who can blame them!

All we are talking about in our household is how cabin fever has taken on a whole new meaning.  School has been closed for 2 days now and many of our go to indoor playspaces are closed too.  Frankly, it’s just too darn cold to leave the house anyway!

Chicago has so many great things to do with kids outside of the house, but what about when you are trapped inside due to the weather?  Here are some things we have been doing to keep our kids from going bonkers.

1. If you haven’t gotten to know your neighbors yet, now is the time to get chatty.  When you are out shoveling the snow strike up a conversation to see if the other families on the block have kids the same age as yours.  It’s the perfect playdate scenario.  You won’t have to walk too far to get to each others house and the kids can entertain each other while you and the other parent(s) get a much needed break.ct-shoveling-snow-joy-storm-perspec-0103-20140-001

2. Of course you can’t go to the neighbor’s house every day, so another option is to BAKE!  Kids love helping in the kitchen and who doesn’t love eating warm sweet treats on a blustery day.  s'moreTry out this recipe (photo and recipe courtesy of Bake-a-holic Mama)  gracefully called S’more Crack Dip: http://www.bakeaholicmama.com/2013/01/smore-crack-dip.html

3. Exercise!  At times like these we simply need to get moving and get the wiggles out.
1604500_10202716212563541_455145663_nOur Comcast cable has a bunch of 5-12 minute dance and aerobic videos that you can watch for free.  It gets my kiddos moving and laughing and hey I don’t mind burning a few extra calories myself.

4. If you have a basement, turn off all the lights and play flashlight hide and go seek.  Flashlight-Alphabet-Game-found-two-letters-from-HappilyevermomIf your kids are older you may not need the flashlights, but our little guy appreciates a little extra light.  When he finds me hiding under something as simple as a blanket it creates belly aching laughter!

5.  Build a fort.  Remember when we were kids turning the couch into a secret hideaway was the best!  Why not relive the memory and teach your tot how to do it too.  Then have a pretend tea party or picnic in the fort, or pretend the ground is hot lava and you have to step on a pillow to get from point a to point b.



6. Balloon toss/Don’t let it touch the ground.  This was also a childhood fave of mine.  Blow up a balloon and play catch, but you can’t let it touch the ground, but when it finally does laughter ensues!  This one will usually last a while too!

What fun games do you play while you are cooped up inside the house?  Share your comments and ideas for us too try too!

Enjoy Chicago,


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