When it comes to moving, there’s always a million and one things you need to do before the movers show up. If you’re making a move this spring, you can avoid unnecessary stress by planning early and being prepared. The following are some tasks that you can check off your list to make your move as easy and efficient as possible.

Declutter Your Space

There are few things less convenient than moving furniture that doesn’t work in your new space or packing clothing you’ll never wear again. Follow Marie Kondo’s method to decluttering and tidying up, and eliminate any items in your home that don’t “spark joy” or serve a purpose. The one year rule is a great way to think when decluttering. If you have not worn or thought about a particular item in a year it is time to let go.

Plan Your Layout

Designing your layout makes it even easier to recognize the furniture you don’t need. Start planning the layout of your new space as soon as possible, or work with an interior designer who can help you discern the pieces that should come with you and the ones you should leave behind. If you’re working alone, try using apps like Floorplanner and Planner 5D, which make it easy and convenient to design your furniture layout on your phone or desktop.

Creating a primary key binder that is categorized by each room in your house with numbered bins or boxes, and an inventory list of what is in each container will create organization when moving. I also love to add color blocking on each label for the designated room to make easy when moving from the old home into the new home. The primary key binder will prevent you from asking yourself “Whats in this box?”

Donate Unwanted Items

Once you’ve identified the furniture, trinkets, and clothing that are making the move to your new home, consider donating the items that won’t make the cut. Give your unwanted, gently used possessions to your local Salvation Army or Goodwill. Several Salvation Army locations offer pickup services, and drop-off locations can be found by doing a simple search on the official website. Local thrift stores and used furniture stores are also great places to donate or sell clothing and furniture that you no longer need.

Research Delivery Times

Once you’ve designed the layout of your new home, research delivery times for any new pieces you plan to order. Delivery times have increased considerably amid the pandemic, making it all the more important to be sure you actually have a bed to sleep in or a couch to sit on in your new home. If you’re in a time crunch, check out local furniture stores for products that are already in stock.

Forward Your Mail

Ensure that you continue to receive all snail mail and paper correspondence by forwarding your mail. Fill out USPS’ change-of-address form here.

Ask for Help

I am always here to help with any questions you may have about the moving process and making life that bit easier. Need help finding a contractor, moving company, interior designer, or donation center? Feel free to reach out our team will be more than happy to help.

Moving can be overwhelming but will all these checklist items I promise it will be a breeze moving this Spring!

xoxo, Juliana


EDITED BY Juliana Yeager

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