With summer heat in full affect my husband and I finally decided to take the leap and install artificial turf in our Chicago city backyard. We live in an incredible 100 year old home and try to improve the home each year with a project. It makes it easier to obtain everything on my wish list throughout the years and honestly saves the headache of constant construction in my home as well.

This year we decided to take on the backyard! Last summer we installed a great projector for fun family movie nights outside, but this year I wanted to focus on the lawn. In the city of Chicago your normal standard lot is 25×125 so your backyard space can range in all sizes but predominantly you will be working in smaller space that you can be creative with. Landscaping over years and years can be not only a money pit but also is time consuming as well, plus backyard blow up pools reck havoc on the grass turning it into mud. Being a busy mom with work and kids activities/sports, anything that saves me time and is evergreen I am all in.

I was surprised how many companies in Chicago offer synthetic turf. It is more common to see it used on the west coast because of water shortages but little by little it is growing popularity across the country. The weather in Chicago is so harsh from extreme cold temperatures to blistering humid heat it can really do a number on the lawn hence our desire to have an effortless upkeep.

After much research we decided to with the fabulous company SYNLawn Chicago. Working with SYNLawn and our amazing contact Larry made everything so easy to have a new fresh cut lawn! Some of the biggest benefits of having turf were:

  • Made from recycled materials and soybean oil
  • No harmful chemicals used to kills weeds or fertilize lawn
  • Water conservation (Yes, we live near Lake Michigan but we have to think future energy saving ways)
  • Lifetime warranty
  • SynLawn is made in the USA
  • Beautiful manicured lawn year round!

All of these benefits made it a no brainer for our family. It is great to add to a rooftop space giving texture and a lush feel. Also, imagine your dog run on the side of your home not being torn up from all those playful runs back and forth leaving mud and dried up grass everywhere. And if you really want to treat your husband or family you can even put a miniature putting green in the backyard space permitting of course. There are so many benefits and creative ways to adding synthetic turf to your home.

Now I can relax in my backyard and enjoy a low maintenance yard all year long!

Be sure to check out SYNLawnChicago for a free estimate and transform your backyard into your own paradise.



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