The importance of date night is really special to my husband Benjamin and I. With three kids and our fast paces jobs always pulling us every hour of our days we always try to do a date night every other week. Growing up my mother always told me to never stop dating your husband. It always stuck with me that saying because its true! Life happens everyday but sometimes living life gets away from us. For our anniversary in June I didn’t know what to get Benjamin, the guy who has everything. An experience sounded like fun for the both of us and something relaxing sounding just right. So last week for our date night we decided to go to AIRE bathhouse downtown in the West Loop and a Cubs baseball game after. Its all about balance😁

This was my first time at AIRE and man was it one to remember! This beautiful bathhouse has been in Chicago for a couple years now and is extremely special. Immediately you are transformed for the moment you walk in. It is down a side street on the bustling sounds of Halsted St. Relaxing music, oversized dreamy couches, and ornate wood furniture make you feel like you have left the city and have been transformed.


We decided to get 90 minute water session and 60 minute massage for total relaxation. The bathhouse was just incredible. They only allow a certain amount of groups into the bathhouse making it feel ultra private and not packed like so many other bathhouses. They have salt baths, plunge pool, outside Jacuzzi, saunas, and a spa! The architecture is breathtaking too. It is the ying to the yang with the flowing movements of water and industrial stature of brick walls throughout, almost invisible glass dividers, and beams. It is memorizing. I almost felt like I was transformed in time thinking this is how the Romans did it. All of the staff is great as well checking on you but more importantly letting you enjoy your experience. Make sure to check out all of there amazing experiences on their website: No phones are allowed inside so these are the only photos I could snap.

I pretty much was putty after AIRE of not only the baths but also my amazing 60 minute massage. It was definitely an experience my husband and I will not forget and will be back again! But date night was not over…..onto to the Cubs game.

Cubs Game!
Hat nachos! So hard to find but well worth it!

Life is all about balance and so are relationships so spa and a baseball game is the perfect fit for date night. If anyone knows our family baseball is our way of life not only a sport all of our kids play but also we LOVE going to Cubs game. My favorite team with my favorite guy who could ask for me…okay maybe a hat nachos and beer too!

Cubs games are great with the energy of the roaring sounds of the crowd, amazing location right in the heart of our neighborhood, and our favorite pastime it cant get any better. Benjamin was pretty happy too because he loves spas and even more loves baseball. He was smiling ear to ear on this date night!

At the end of the beautiful night I was so happy. I got to treat my husband to a great night away from everything just the two of us. We were boyfriend and girlfriend running through the city enjoying life together. I think this date night was a HOME RUN! Onto to the next adventure 😁