It’s snowing today, finally, and it’s big huge flakes, the sticking kind. Although winter is not my favorite season, if it is going to be winter I prefer to see the snow and have fun outside with the kids. Kids loooove the snow, but most of the time we can’t do much in the winter, but when there is snow, we make snowballs, build a snowman and go sledding! Read on for my top 5 locations to go sledding in the Chi …

  1. Cricket Hill | 601 W. Montrose, Montrose Harbor | This is our top choice to sled, the hills are huge and take effort to climb once you are down the hill, but they are long which makes it more fun! If your little one is under 5 you may want to consider a sled with a strong pull rope so you can pull them back up the hill. Bigger kids can make it back up on their own. Tubes work particularly well here as the snow can get pretty packed down and hard. We have broken a bunch of plastic sleds after just one run down. Pro Tip: This is a popular spot so it can get crowded and peak time may be around 10-12 so plan accordingly.
Cricket Hill @ Montrose Harbor

2. Horner Park | 2741 W. Montrose Ave | We are usually at this park in the fall for baseball games, but when the weather turns cold, many flock to the hills of this park for downhill sledding fun.

3. Oz Park | 2021 N. Burling St | Lincoln Park | There is a huge hill at the South West corner of this park that we usually have the kids run up and down in the summer, but thinking back on it, I think this may be a perfect sledding hill! There is a walking path at the base of it, so be careful not to crash into walkers! You can get the idea the size of this hill from my little video below. SO fun!

Hill at OZ Park

4. Gompers Park | 4222 W. Foster Ave | This large park has some smaller hills that is perfect for the younger crowd.

5. North Pond |Stockton & Arlington | Lincoln Park | Another summer spot that made me think that this could be yet another great hill to go sledding. Located west of the pond in Lincoln Park with amazing views too! Just imagine this photo covered in snow, a great spot to sled with the fam and then grab something warm and delicious at one of the many neighboring restaurants. We usually hit up Five Guys or Pasta Bowl since it is quick and easy with kids in tow.

Hill @ North Pond

Stay Safe, Stay Strong & Enjoy Chicago,


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