Well, after a really long hiatus and what seemed to be a never ending holiday season RKIC is back!  I’m sure you have all be wondering what has been going on in the city as 2013 has certainly kicked off with a great start!

As you of course know I sell Real Estate and boy has this year kicked off with a BANG!  The real estate market is in full force in Chicago and even though it doesn’t feel like it weather wise, the Spring market has begun already.  We are in an interesting time in Real Estate…the election is over, rates are still incredibly low and prices are finally at their rock bottom.  In fact, 2012 was up about 2% from the previous year – now it’s not much, but it is going in the right direction.  If you bought in 2012, congratulations you bought at the bottom, but if you have been on the fence to either buy or sell, now is the time to jump and make your move.  Never again will we see prices and rates like this at the same time.  As supply goes down and demand to buy goes up this year, we can assume that prices will continue to steadily rise.  There are top rated elementary schools all over the city, so use this ranking list as a guide if you want to go the public school route while deciding on what neighborhood you want to buy into.  Chicago Magazine Top Rated Elementary Schools in Chicago

If you are like many people whom are literally stuck in their homes due to the rock bottom prices, you have options!

1.  Take advantage of the rates and re-fi your home, I have great lenders that have many creative options to take advantage of the programs that are out there for underwater homeowners.

2. Think about renting your home.  Rental rates continue to be on the rise so you could get a pretty penny for your home or condo that can allow you to move on to bigger and better things.  The key here is that
buying vs.rentingyou have to be able to afford both mortgages as the banks will not qualify the rental income for at least a year or two.  Check with your lender to be certain.

3. Expand or redecorate.  If you are running out of space and live in a single family home, think about expanding with an addition.  If you are in a condo where it is physically impossible to expand, try redecorating or remodeling to make your home fresh and new again.  Then go and rent a storage locker for the access items that you really don’t need in your home but can’t part with.  Life Storage on Addison around California is fantastically clean and bright, easy in and out and cheap!

So now that you know the real estate market in Chicago is bustling lets talk about planning for your kiddo’s this year.  This year we area all about school and prepping and planning for that.  You have to start early as most facilities book up early and have wait lists.

1. If your child missed the cut off for pre-school this fall like mine did,

MCPnow is the time to start planning for alternative options.  Start researching private pre/day schools and the costs associated.  So many of the pre-schools in Chicago are tuition based and expensive (around $12K for the school year).

and for me that is just too intensive, however if you need child care too this may be a great option.  We are going for a 2 day a week option with after school care, so 2 full days from Sept-May.  Our choice location is My Corner Playroom (2121 N. Clybourn – Lincoln Park), it is small, clean and play-based learning that was really appealing to me. It is also friendly on the pocket-book.  They also have great classes and drop in baby sitting if you should ever need it.  The staff is uber friendly as well.  Here are some other options worth considering:

They are also 5 full days a week

Short Stuff – North Center (very long wait list so get on now if you can) – day school and day care options

St. Andrews School – West Lakeview – day school only

The Green Bean – Bucktown – day school and day care options

Chalk – Various city locations – day school and care options

The Nicholson School – day school and after school care options

American Kidz Academy – Various Locations – day school and care options

Montessori Schools – various locations

I will touch on the public schools in a separate post because starting to plan for that can take on a life of its own.  We will be navigating for the 2014 registration (which means you have to research early in order to enroll by September 2013 – that’s right, a year in advance!).  So plan ahead and start early so you know exactly where you want your child to start their early childhood education.

Enjoy Chicago,


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