Halloween is just around the corner! Costumes ready? Candy stocked? Weekend plans? I can help with the last one!

person holding green plant
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Garden Of Decay

In October, Navy Pier becomes the backdrop for an eerie and immersive adventure. Visitors are invited to uncover the enigmas of a formerly renowned genetics lab, now a place called the Garden of Decay, which has been molded by sorrow. Equipped with headsets, guests will navigate through various rooms under the guidance of actors. This exceptional encounter has been carefully designed in collaboration with gifted local artists, each of whom has contributed unique touches to every space. Following the experience, you can explore a realm of interactive art, browse through themed vendor stalls brimming with treasures, savor botanical cocktails, receive tarot card readings, and engage in a multitude of other activities within the Garden of reCreation.

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Pilsen Brew-Ja Crawl

Indulge in a mystical evening in Pilsen as you embark on a bewitching bar crawl across the neighborhood. Immerse yourself in the enchantment as you sample a wide array of beers and cocktails from ten of Pilsen’s finest bars and restaurants, all while reveling in live music and DJ performances. Best of all, the proceeds from this magical night will support Pilsen Fest, the beloved annual summer street festival that brings vibrancy and excitement to the neighborhood.

man in brown jacket and blue denim jeans sitting holding his child
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Bronzeville’s Fall Festival

Absolutely Anything Essential invites you to partake in a delightful autumn celebration suitable for the entire family. This event promises a fantastic time with a dedicated kids’ zone, captivating live performances, local vendors offering fresh produce and a variety of goods, an exciting costume contest, and much more. In a heartwarming gesture, This is Life, NFP will be offering complimentary haircuts and coats for children; please make sure to register in advance to secure your free coat.

Enjoy Chicago!