I was early for a showing in the Gold Coast and craving a chicken salad sandwich.  I was looking for parking and something fast and easy.  I didn’t think Subway was going to cut it and then I saw Boston Market in Old Town with a big sign saying FREE PARKING.  I quickly turned down Wells and made my way to the familiar, yet not frequented spot.  In fact, I haven’t been to a Boston Market since High School…about 15 years ago – ykes!

The staff was über friendly that I thought it was a joke at first, however they were just happy employees.  Super nice and really seem to love their jobs.  In addition to my first impression of the friendly staff, the entire place was really clean.  The people in the kitchen all had hats or hair nets and wore gloves, they didn’t handle money either.

They had exactly what I wanted, a chicken salad sandwich on wheat and it came with a side, I chose the mac ‘n cheese.  After you pay, the counter staff bring your food to the table of your choosing, an added touch for fast food.  The food was delish!  Not to mayonnaise’y or thin on the chicken.  The mac was also very tasty and hit the spot.  Although I wasn’t with Holden, I scoped out the kids menu and I loved that there were healthy options and oodles of sides to choose from…from the indulgent to the very healthy – something for everyone.  All for only $4.29!  When dining in they have activities and balloons which are key for keeping the kids occupied so you can eat too.

So with that said, I decided to hit up the drive through with Holden in tow at the Boston Market on Ashland location.  I again choose the chicken salad sandwich with mac ‘n cheese, to test for consistency, and I selected the turkey, mac ‘n cheese and corn bread for Holden.

We went home to eat and boy did we!  Although the portions are huge, Holden and I gobbled it up!  I have to say my sandwich was bigger and even more delicious this time around and the mac was on par with the first time I had it.  Holden’s portion was huge, but he ate most of it and I think I’ll go for the veggies for him next time.

So when you are in need of another option for lunch on a dime consider Boston Market and maybe I’ll see you there!

Enjoy Chicago,


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