tmc-center-home-new-slideshow_02When Holden was a baby I had him enrolled in a ton of classes stimulating all of his senses, but more importantly socializing him.  Now that we have our second, she has been enrolled in ZERO classes.  The lack of time and the age gap between the two kids has thrown a wedge into my babies social calendar or in this case, non-existent calendar. I was just thinking that there has to be classes that will work for both kids.  I started digging and there are a few options that will work for Mommy and Me(s).

The Music Playhouse:  Music Pups (birth to 5yrs old). 45 minutes long and you get a CD to continue the dance party at home.  Classes are about $160/session for the first child and $110 for the sibling for a 10 week class.  Sign up for a free class!

My Gym Chicago:  They actually have a class called Siblings, which is perfect!  They have different activities for ages 6mo-5yrs.  $80/4 week cycle and you can try a class for free to see if you and your kids like it.

tmc-center-home-new-slideshow_04Gymboree: They have family Play & Learn, Music and Art class options depending on the age of your children. $99/month/child

Marsha’s Music: Music Together Mixed Ages.  $230 for the first child and $125 for the sibling over 8mo.  You get a discount on the first child if you are a returning family.  Includes a CD, songbook, DVD, growth chart and 2 make-up classes.  Siblings 0-8mos or 3rd sibling are free

CPD – Chicago Park District.  Depending on your kids age there are some more general classes that you can enroll in.  The open play in the gym would be a good option as well as any music classes.  Fees vary, but are reasonable.

If you have any other sibling classes that you have experienced please comment and share your findings below!

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