I recently came across a blurb about the ‘best’ beaches for kids in Timeout Chicago, however I couldn’t disagree more with one of their top picks: Montrose Beach.  Although the beach is huge and beautiful it is not the most kid friendly – especially for kids still in a stroller.

I recently went there to meet up with a friend and 1. The beach is so huge we were on opposite ends, which felt like we were miles and miles apart.  2.  The parking is so far from the actual beach you have to treck up and down hills of grass and then you get to the divider, which looks like you will just stroll right onto the sand, but no, it was a cliff.  Yup, it was a huge cliff of rocks and you had to go around the world to find a flat surface in order for us to get to the sand – no ramp, no bridge or pier in sight.  I think this beach would be great if your kids are older and definitely not in a stroller.  Finally, the bathrooms are so far away.  If there is an event going on at the beach, forget it, they kick everyone off the area near the bathrooms.   One other positive, in addition to the size and beauty, was that the parking was free.  I do hear that The Dock is pretty great, but that will be in our outdoor restaurant post.  Needless to say, we hightailed it out of there to the real kid friendly beach.

Foster Avenue Beach.  Ahhhhhhhh you drive up and park right in front.  Pay for parking which is very cheap – about $1.50 for 2 hours – however I believe that if you park in the center spots the parking is free, but I can’t guarantee that.

We unloaded our gear (again) and strolled with ease down the paved path through the snack shop and bathroom area down to the sand pier.  We were able to stroll all the way down to where we parked ourselves on the sand.  It was wonderful.  We set up shop about 15 feet from the water and the kids had a total ball!  This beach was filled with kids and their families, but it was not crowded at all.  It’s summer and it was a weekday and it was great.  I would highly recommend this beach to families with small children and pre-schoolers.  Save the vast beaches for when they are older.


Do you have a favorite beach near you?  Share your experience here and we will check it out!

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