The leaves are starting to change colors and the porch decorating is in full swing. I love walking down the neighborhood streets of Chicago admiring everyones fall decor. Over the years it has become a tradition and some may say a competition, for people to add beautiful pumpkins, mums, and wreaths to their front porch or entryway. With social media websites like Instagram and Pinterest there are so many beautiful and creative ideas on decorating your home for fall.

Thanks to social media you now can easily purchase pumpkins in various shades of whites, greens, and oranges. When you visit the pumpkin patch this month be sure to purchase multiple colors, shapes, and sizes for your beautiful fall decor! If you are still stumped for ideas on how to decorate your space try one of the following ideas:

  1. Pumpkin Stacks
  2. Potting your mums inside the pumpkin
  3. Add cabbage or kale for an additional touch of green
  4. Carve out the middle of the pumpkin just large enough to hold the base of a hurricane globe, insert tea-light candle.

Tag on Instagram with your insta-worth pumpkin filled front entryways! We can’t wait to see what you all create.