Update your ‘framers’ with a Sesh from Little Cacti in the City

It’s been a long hiatus, but after having our third child, Ethan, I’m back to it! First up to discuss, a fantastic photographer on the scene that you definitely need to take notice.

Our client and great friend, Daisy Knox, is a fantastic natural light photographer.  We just had a great photo session with her a few weeks ago and she just ‘gets it’.  Daisy has 4 kids of her own and understands what it takes to get incredible family photos in a short period of time.  Kids can expire quickly during photoshoots, and Daisy totally knows how to get kids to cooperate and look amazing in front of the camera quickly.  I heard her repeatedly say ‘I got the shot’ after maybe 3 clicks of her camera.  I was completely skeptical and thought, ‘how can our family of 5.5 all look great that fast’?!?  Well she did, over and over again, so just see for yourself in her blog post below.  I am in absolutely love with these photos and I’m looking forward to updating my ‘framers’ around my house with these stunners.  Thank you Little Cacti in the City and Daisy Knox.

Families are all after her services so grab a spot today and get 15% off your full sesh (not applicable for a mini-session).

Enjoy Chicago,
The Yeager Team: A Chicago Real Estate Family
We Live Here, We Work Here, We Are Raising Our Kids Here!
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